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Log in with Google is a platform which allows you to share your knowledge, through courses and lessons, written by members themselves.
Thanks to a card system, allows you to learn courses and lessons you are following. Moreover, is able to memorize your difficulties and to help you to learn them faster by asking you more often those questions.
Collaborate with others in order to create or improve courses. You can also give your opinion on suggested courses thanks to the 'like' system.
Thanks to its learning from your difficulties, a daily use of Learnizer can help you to improve your knowledge. For instance, we saw that the average gain is 3 points on 20 for students.
Use the search to find existing courses, in order to use their training cards.
No one can access your personal data, resulting from your previous trainings. Moreover, ifyou want to, you can create a private course where only people who know the password, can see the content.